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Welcome! Are you new to Phoenixville or simply looking to explore and connect with it further? We're pulling together a diverse cross-section of PXV, so be sure to check back frequently.

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Connecting Community

We're here for the curation and advocacy of Phoenixville, PA – situated in northern Chester County.

Local Biz Spotlight

The Bunyip Collective is a local branding and graphic design shop. They recently redesigned our logo. We can't recommend them enough! Be sure to check out their other work and reach out for a free quote today.

Featured Art

Local photographer, artist, and resident Jedi Wright's photo from a previously shown series shared at Barnstone Art for Kids' fundraising event in 2023.

Submit your art > and will add it to the rotation of featured artists here.

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We want to hear from you! And feature your story and others from in and around town here on our site. Email Your Story >

If you'd like to share one, please email us yours, including 2-3 videos, photos, or other images to include with the story.

Additional stories will be included and archived on our Stories page soon.

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Phoenixville Daily

Here for the curation and advocacy of Phoenixville. Connecting Community. Open to collab.
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    We're hyper-focused on supporting and spotlighting everything local.

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    We support an inclusive and welcoming community as befits this place we all call home.

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    Building on our first two values, we strive to support, foster, and encourage our community.

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    Lastly, we are here to celebrate, nurture, and grow our community together with you.