Final Days of The Grief Show at the Collabery Art Gallery

Final Days of The Grief Show at the Collabery Art Gallery

As with many happenings in and around Phoenixville these days, there's more to be found than the most recent bar/brewery spot. 

Tucked away off the beaten path most visitors take when visiting Phoenixville, with its downtown Bridge Street full of restaurants, breweries, shops, and more, is a quirky old converted building primarily run and occupied by Anne's Heart

The Collabery's shared gallery space, sprawling out across the 2nd-floor hallway and graciously hosted by Anne's Heart, offers an intimate and personal look at a far-ranging collection, spanning everything from original paintings and poetry to photography and multimedia installation art. This hallowed hall offers a sliver of hope, respite, and shared honoring and remembrance for loss, grief, and all that entails.

We stopped in tonight for a nice long visit, chatting it up with several of the artists on display. If you haven't been yet, don't wait and miss out on its final remaining days. And, be sure to give Collabery a like and follow

Collabery's formal invitation for its remaining show days:

Join us Friday evening from 5:00 to 8:00pm at Collabery for our "Grief" installation. Several artists and poets have assembled an experience of how we all process loss. We are at 35 Hall Street in Phoenixville. Free hugs given. @collaberyartgallery #artistsofphoenixville 

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